In an article of the Swedish entertainment magazine Aftonbladet was written, that Tim Bergling better known as Avicii, has over 200 unreleased songs and a full album ready to release later this year. The ambitious producer had been in the studio for some time creating lot’s of new tracks.
Neil Jacobson (Geffen Records president) who had worked with Avicii since the beginning had talked with him just two days before his dead body was found in his Oman hotel room.
Expectations of the new Avicii album
“It was honestly Avicii’s best music for many years” said record company manager Neil Jacobson. Avicii’s family has met with record company executives and partners reviewing the unreleased music. One will decide wich of the tracks will be on the new album and which won’t.
Tim had also created a secret list of artists who he hoped to feature on the records and in the coming months the artists will be selected and the tracklist will be finalized.
There is no release date yet, stay tuned for more information.