This is probably the worst year for festival lovers. The whole world is in panic due to the coronavirus. Ultra Abu Dhabi and some other EDM festivals have already been canceld, now the main edition Ultra Musicfestival (Miami) won’t take place aswell. The local newspaper “Miami Herald” reported that the government urged the UMF team to postpone the event. They discuessed a possible date in October but due to lack of sales the event will highly probably won’t take place in 2020 at all. Before the decision has been made, David Guetta and Martin Garrix have already deleted the show from their upcoming events on their website.

We can only hope, that the virus will be contained in the near future and that our festival summer won’t be threatened. Let us know what you think, do you think they overreacted.

After Ultra Miami the next major EDM event has been canceled due to the coronavirus. Just a few days ago the organizers announced that Tomorrowland Winter will take place as expected but this morning the cancellation has been announced via social media.

It seems like the French government forced them to cancel whole the event to stop further spread of the coronavirus. Already one month ago they started with the construction in the French Alps, this hurts.