When did you start DJing/producing? How did everything begin?

MR.BLACK: I’ve started DJing with a few friends when I was 14 years old, back in school, just for fun and I always had rhythm and melodies in my head, this was the turning point when I said I want to produce by myself. I was working in a few jobs to save money so I can purchase my first equipment. At the age of 18 I really started producing my own music and from there it’s a history.

Teamworx: I (Ben) started DJ’ing since the age of 15 and played almost everywhere here in my country and started to have an interest in producing after I was at Tomorrowland in 2011. Saar on the other hand did the vice versa, he was always into producing and after we met in 2012 he shifted into DJ’ing

What was your first great success?

MR.BLACK: I think my first success was with my track ‘Loud’ back in 2013. When I released it I didn’t know what to expect, it was on a very small label but the impact it did on the global market was huge. I got my first support from big artists like Hardwell & Chuckie, and it was broadcasted in more than 20 TV stations around the world. Since that moment, Warner Music came to me and we signed a publishing deal, which takes place until today.

Teamworx: When Fedde Le Grand played our remix of ‘Lean On’ back in 2015. It was the first time that a big DJ played something of ours live and we cherish this moment until this day.

Where did you first get in touch with each other?

Both: Actually MR.BLACK and 1/2 of Teamworx (Ben) are cousins are during the years there has always been a connection both personally ofcourse but also musically and we sat in the studio together but it never turned out to be an actual collaboration. Also here’s a secret, MR.BLACK gave Teamworx the name of their project!

How did your collaboration come about?

Both: During ADE (Amsterdam) while doing footage from our shows and the city, the concept idea to create track around Camera came to our minds. Once we got back in the studio, we decided to turn the concept idea into an actual record.

You’ve probably played your new tracks “We are lost” and “Zoom-Zoom” live at one of your gigs, how was the reaction of the crowd?

Both: Yes! Actually, we both had the chance to play these tracks live together in few shows, and the reaction was crazy. Since ‘We Are Lost’ is something unique and special for us as it’s not the regular banger both of us tend to release, but the minute we played it a lot of people came after the show and asked when is it going to be released. This gave us ‘stamp’ that it hit the hearts the same as it did to ours when the finalized it.

Your latest collab “We are lost” is a Funky, Groove, Jackin’ House track did you enjoy experimenting with this kind of genre?

Both: We loved it, as you can hear you have both influences inside the production and we wanted to try something different this time, which is more radio-friendly with vocals. We didn’t set any rules for how we want it to sound, and the version you hear now had multiple versions before, eventually we wanted to ‘feel’ what is the right tempo for the vocals.

Do you like both collaborations equal or do you have a favorite? Why?

Both: We love both tracks, we can say that ‘We Are Lost’ excited us more in the beginning because the untypical approach we had with this release, since it was our first track in 2020, so there was a big anticipation for us. But once the release date for ‘Zoom Zoom’ set and we saw the reaction of the crowd we got excited as We Are Lost aswell 🙂 

Will there be another Teamworx & Mr.Black collaboration in the future? 

Both: We both under the same management so who knows 😉

Have you ever thought about performing B2B? 

Both: No, but actually it’s not a bad idea! Noted.

What are your plans for 2020?

MR.BLACK: I’ve got already 5 tracks signed, 2 of them big collaborations and solo tracks, I’ve also got a very special project I’ve been working on with Revealed Recordings, can’t wait to show you what we have in store.

Teamworx: To release as much music as possible for the fans and perform at new countries we didn’t visit to give the best show we can!

What are your goals for the next five years?

MR.BLACK: To keep doing what I love and to reach out to as many people as I can through my music and touch as many hearts as I can.

Teamworx: We have many goals to achieve. In the next 5 years, we’d like to reach out through our music to as many people as possible as continue creating music from the heart that touches us. Another milestone on our bucket to achieve is performing at Tomorrowland.